RSVPMaker provides online scheduling, invitations, RSVP tracking, and PayPal payment processing. Variations on this event scheduling system have been used by political campaigns, community groups, networking organizations, and professional conferences to schedule their events.

Use RSVPMaker’s MailChimp integration to send event invitations to a mailing list or create a weekly newsletter that includes a roundup of upcoming events and recent blog posts.

Or use RSVPMaker’s support for Google Hangouts on Air to organize webinars on a budget.

If you run a WordPress website, download the RSVPMaker plugin to add these functions for your own site. Our professional services are available if you would like help with RSVPMaker, website design and programming, email campaign management, copywriting, and other services.

Test Drive

You can test drive RSVPMaker on this site (you will be able to try the editor, preview your events, and test the RSVP process, but events will not be published).

The mock events below show some of the ways RSVPMaker can be used.

Featured (Demo) Events:

Friday November 11th, 2016
Saturday November 12th, 2016
Monday November 14th, 2016

This would be a typical event setup for my son’s cub scout pack, a 3-day event with RSVPs requested and families encouraged to pay online via PayPal.

You can step through the RSVP process to see how the prompt to pay online appears after the user enters basic information. If you click the link to pay, you will be redirected to the Cub Scout Pack 179’s PayPal checkout page (the integration is live, so don’t complete a payment unless you really do want to make a donation).


Event Types:

Wednesday November 16th, 2016 7:00 PM EST
Our hero

Our hero

The RSVPMaker Entrepreneur Of The Year Program is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2016, and as we kick off our search for the country’s most innovative entrepreneurs, we invite you to nominate someone in your community, or even yourself, to be named among the next generation of legacy builders.

Entrepreneurs are not easily defined. They are men and women, old and young, educated in the Ivy League and at the School of Hard Knocks. This much about them is consistent, however: They are visionaries. They are people of passion. And they have the ambition, drive and talent to take an idea and create a market where none existed before.

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Sunday December 18th, 2016 7:30 PM EST

Discuss your deepest thoughts every Sunday at the library.

Northwest Library
1 Northwest Street
Northwestern Town, WA

Contact: David at 230-555-1212 or

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