RSVPMaker Shortcodes

To set up a listing of events, include one or more of the following short codes. These are meant to be used in a standalone page, rather than a blog post.

The Events page on this website uses two shortcodes. The first one sets up the calendar that appears at the top of the page. The second one sets up the loop for displaying upcoming events.

[event_listing calendar=”1″]

[rsvpmaker_upcoming no_events=”Check back soon.”]

[rsvpmaker_upcoming calendar=”1″] displays the calendar, followed by the index of upcoming events.

[rsvpmaker_upcoming type=”featured”] Displays only the events of the specified event type (“featured” type available by default as a checkbox on the event editing screen).

You can also use:
[event_listing format=”headline”]

I often use this on the front page of a website where I want a simple events listing. The output looks like this:

RSVPMaker also provides a widget you can use to display upcoming events in your sidebar.

Shortcodes used on home page for event headlines, featured events

Update for version 2.5.5

The rsvpmaker_upcoming shortcode now accepts limit=”x” (show x number of events) as an attribute. Example [rsvpmaker_upcoming limit=”3″] would retrieve a maximum of 3 posts.

You can also use add_to_query=”myquerystring” to modify the query using query_posts() query string syntax. Example: [rsvpmaker_upcoming add_to_query=”p=99″] would retrieve a single rsvpmaker post with the ID of 99. This appends the parameters you provide to the default query string, so the whole thing would be something like post_type=rsvpmaker&post_status=publish&p=99.

19 thoughts on “RSVPMaker Shortcodes”

    1. To put it in the sidebar, I think would require a sidebar widget that would only be active when a single event is being viewed. It’s an interesting idea, but I’m not sure how to program that. 

      1.  I’m only using it to manage one event (my birthday) at this stage anyway. Maybe I could grab the code straight out of the ‘Display Attendees’ function?

  1. Is there a way to get the sidebar widget to show just one ‘category’?  Also – I had emailed you about paying for customizations to the RSVP maker but never got a response.  If you are taking paid work please let me know.  

  2. Hi David! Is there a way to add the RSVP form directly onto a page, instead of as part of a post (or event)? I want to add this on a site that is centred around a single event, and only needs 1 form, on a page, so that it can be reached directly by clicking on the page link from the main menu.

  3. Im just getting started and a little warning up top says “RSVPMaker needs you to create a page with the [rsvpmaker_upcoming] shortcode to display event listings.”

    What does this mean? What do I have to do?

  4. Hi David,

    Great plugin!

    Question: I have created some events and popped in the shortcode to show the future events; however, it doesn’t show them in the calendar, nor a list. Any idea why that might happen for future events?


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