Feature Requests So Far

Update: I wound up publishing a new version that addresses most of these requests sooner than planned, after I found a few other errors that needed to be corrected.

I expect to publish an update to the RSVPMaker Plugin in about a week. Feedback has been good overall. People who have tried other event management plugins tell me mine seems more flexible. I had tried some of the others and they were never quite what I was looking for, or not close enough to convince me to stop developing my own.

Here are a few improvements people have asked for, none of which looks too difficult:

  • A configuration setting choice between AM/PM times, as used in the U.S., and 24-hour time, more common in the rest of the world.
  • Ability to set the maximum number of participants allowed for each event.
  • A way to set the maximum number of events to be displayed in the headline list or sidebar widget.
  • Better documentation of the shortcodes available for use.

I’ve already done some of this, but probably need another week or so to pull it all together. Let me know if there are other things you would like to see.

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  1. Request for RSVPmaker would be for a optional display of those names who are attending and a display of those who have said they are not attending on the same webpage as the announcement of the event so you can see if your friends are attending.

  2. I got some trouble configuring the plugin with shot codes because I liked to publish events just with title and date and after that linking to a second site with containing the entire event description. Using the short code [event_listing format="headline"] the headlines appear but below that the entire event description.
    Second: selling tickets via paypal I would like to do in different currencies and not only dollars.
    Third: How can this plugin translated?

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