Creating an Event Template

When a single event is displayed, the standard single post template may tend to cause confusion because it juxtaposes the posting date with the event date. This is particularly a concern for post templates that feature the publication date prominently at the top of the post.

You can avoid this problem by adding a single-rsvpmaker.php file to your theme. WordPress will load this instead of the single.php template for an event post type.

A sample single-rsvpmaker.php file for the Twentyten theme is included with the RSVPMaker download, but you must copy it from the plugin folder to the theme folder to get it to take effect. Note that this file may not work with themes other than Twentyten without modification.

Most themes include a single.php file that you can modify to remove (or de-emphasize) the code that outputs the post publication date. I also recommend removing the code that outputs the comments template because people tend to be confused by having two forms on the page (the RSVP form and the comment form).

Updated 12/29/2010 to reflect change in file naming (single-rsvpmaker.php rather than single-event.php).

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  1. Is there anyone that can tell me how I can modify the RSVP post display in a Studio Press theme?  They don’t use the same template structure in the Genesis Framework and I bet there’s a conditional statement that will allow me to specify how to recognize the RSVP post and display it differently.

    1. Maybe I should have a if_rsvpmaker() function but for now you would need to do $post;
      if($post->post_type == ‘rsvpmaker’)

    1. That’s odd. Are you saying this is the permalink that gets used in the RSVP Now! button? For some reason, the problem link is showing date parameters as if this was a blog entry instead of /rsvpmaker/ in the url to indicate that it’s custom post type content.

      Is this site on WordPress 3.5? I’m wondering if there’s something in the latest update, or in your theme, that’s throwing things off.

  2. How can I change the COLORS of the “RSVP Now” button? I’m new to WordPress, but have done some programming years ago. Thanks.

    1. If you go into the settings for RSVPMaker, the code to be used for the button is specified there as in-line CSS styling. You can change the color values to whatever you want, alter the border style, etc.

      1. I figured it out, David. Thanks for your help. It’s looking great now.

  3. Hi David!
    The radio buttons are not displaying properly and they will not display the check when I click on them. As they appear now it’s confusing the “Yes” sits directly atop the “No” box. I want a horizontal display and I want to see the check mark. Please advise. I need to get this page up and running ASAP! Thanks and have a great day!

  4. Hi David,
    After looking for an event calendar that showed a list of Attendees I finally came across this little beauty! Good job on this! Just what I am needing.

    Only issue I have currently is my members go to use the RSVP and it automatically displays their actual name not there username.

    The form information I am after is their GMD Username and membership level and display this along with the notes they make in the Attendees list. Where do I do this? [I am very new to WordPress]

    Thank you

    1. So it sounds like you have a membership site where people login first before they enter their RSVP? What you’re asking for is certainly possible, but as of now it would require customization. “Membership Level” may be something your site tracks, but that’s not a standard WordPress field. You must be using some sort of membership plugin, either a standard one or something developed specifically for your website. If the username is their standard WordPress username, that’s something I could make available in a future version of RSVPMaker but it’s not a built-in feature as of today.

      I am available to consult on customizations of the software but can’t address custom needs for free. You can write to me at

  5. Dear Mr. David,
    I have been using the rsvpmaker plugin to come up with an events portal for my university. However, i do have some questions pertaining to restricting event contents based on a user’s membership status. I’m using paid membership pro to set the membership levels of users. In rsvpmaker, there is a short-code that displays the upcoming events and there is a default “RSVP NOW!” button. In a nutshell, in the upcoming events page free users should be able to see the rsvp button for event types that are classified as free and should not be able to see the button for event types classified as “premium”. I’ve tried customising in the rsvpmaker-pluggable.php file and i needed the current user’s membership status and the event type to achieve this. However, i am unable to get the event type of the event concerned. Therefore, i ended up with an upcoming events page where the “RSVP NOW!” button does not appear at all for free users, even if the event type is free. So, this is the problem sir and my questions are:

    1) Is it possible to customise the file to achieve my intended result? Should i go ahead?
    2) If it’s possible, may i know how to obtain the event-type of the page and could you please provide me with some inputs as to how to tackle this problem?


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