Changing the RSVP Form, Other Customizations

Note: RSVPMaker 2.5 makes more advanced customization of the RSVP form available from within the administration console, which may eliminate the need for some code-level customization.

RSVPMaker includes a mechanism for allowing you to add custom functions or override the some of the default functions included with the plugin. Specifically, you can override any of the functions defined in rsvpmaker-plugabble.php. You do this by adding your own rsvpmaker-custom.php file to the plugins directory (the directory above the rsvpmaker folder). My distribution includes a sample rsvpmaker-custom.php file but it will not be activated until you move it to the new location.

Essentially, this lets you plug in your own functions within my plugin. The idea is to provide some freedom to customize, without losing the benefit of upgrades to the core rsvpmaker code.

Modifying the event_content function

More extensive customizations are possible by overriding the event_content function, although this is a longer, more complex function. If you open the rsvpmaker-plugabble.php file, you will see the functions are wrapped with if(!function_exists(‘function_name’) ).

If you copy the function definition for event_content into your custom.php file, you will be able to modify the function as necessary for your purposes.

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    1. I’m sorry to be running behind on answers to questions. This is definitely possible, and I’ve thought about setting up some of my own sites that way, but I haven’t implemented it yet so I can’t tell you exactly how to go about it. However, you could write your own shortcode implementation and event display code as an extension to RSVPMaker (and maybe share that code with me if you think it should be part of the base plugin).

      1. Can you provide the code to allow only registered users to RSVP. I was trying to use the WP-Member method as above, but I can’t get it to work. Thanks.

          1. RSVPMaker 2.7, which was just released, includes a checkbox to specify that people must login before they can RSVP. When a logged in user RSVPs, the system will then prepopulate the form with first name, last name, and email address. It’s possible to read in other profile data by customizing the rsvpmaker_profile_lookup function (see the documentation on RSVPMaker customization)

          2. Is there anyway to password protect the entire RSVP post? I’d like to give guests a password instead of having them register.

    2. I wanted to do a similar thing, so only logged on users could see the RSVP sectrtion of the Post. I finally did it using a plugin called WP-Members, whish enable you to set up page/post security for all or individual post/pages.

      In a nutshell

      Make all pages viewable
      In RSVPMaker, add a ‘more’ section, then add a custom field id of block, value of true.

      All non logged on users will see is all above the RSVP Section. and A logon section to enable them to login and see it all.


    1. You can limit the overall # of RSVPs, but I don’t have a way of doing it per timeslot. Should be possible for you to write your own customization if it’s important to you (and you’re feeling ambitious). Otherwise, I can add it to the list of requested features.

      1. I, too, think this plugin looks very promising but the ability to limit RSVPs per time slot is crucial.  I’m no expert but I’ve been known to make simple changes to code without breaking things.  Can you point me in the right direction for this customization?

    2. I’m only planning on using this for one event, so this hack would apply to ALL events, but if it helps anyone…

      I edited the Jquery in rsvpmaker-display.php to only allow one additional guest field to be added, thereby limiting the max additional guests to two.

      Change guestMax to increase the amount of guests allowed per RSVP.

      jQuery(document).ready(function($) {

      var guestCount = 1;

      var guestMax = 2;




      var guestline = 'First Name: Last Name: ‘;




      $(this).css(‘visibility’,’hidden’); // HIDE ADD MORE Button



  1. How can I remove the phone number question from the form?

    I think I understand from this how to add fields, but not how to remove them. Should I put an empty rsvp_profile function in rsvpmaker-custom.php? How would that function look?

    1. The latest release will let you make some basic changes to the form fields from the settings screen, under Profile Table. This is the the HTML markup for that section of the form that asks for more details. So you don’t necessarily have to get into custom PHP coding if all you want to do is drop or change the phone # field. 

  2. Fantastic plugin! thank you! 

    I’d love to be able to “display attendees” in the sidebar as a widget, just as a feature request. 🙂 

    but in the shorter term, I’d like to move the “show attendees” button to appear right after “x signed up so far”. I grabbed what seemed to be the relevant code, and pasted it higher up, but that ended up truncating the post – it would show attendees, but then did not display the RSVP form. Doh! Is there a quick fix for that? I

  3. Hi,
    Great plugin! but i have a few questions:

    How can i remove “# signed up so far.”?
    What is “Your answer: Yes No” function for and how can it be removed?
    How can i remove the “Bookmark the premalink”?
    How can i remove “Posted by admin on …”?


    1. I don’t know if this is a really GOOD answer to your second question – but I used CSS to create a display:none; to hide that, because removing it from the code stopped it from recording the RSVP.   Your 4th question, I removed that by putting the single-rsvpmaker.php file into my theme folder, finding the DIV that holds it and removing the code for it (I removed it, so I can’t tell you exactly what it is).   Do the same thing for your 3rd question (find the div that is holding the permalink and remove it).

  4. Love this plugin! Is there a way that we can have a field that would allow “Number of additional guests” without them having to give us names for the guests?

    1. You would override the basic_form function defined in rsvpmaker-plugabble.php. Eliminate the blanks and related form fields for the guests. Add your own field with a name parameter something like profile[number_of_guests]. Your new field should be saved when someone submits the form and available in reports.

    1. Look at the basic_form and rsvp_profile functions defined in rsvpmaker-plugabble.php. As described in this post, you can create a customization file that lets you override these with your own customized versions with an edited list of fields.

  5. Hi,
    I want to change the form so that once someone has confirmed, they *cannot* see/edit any fields – the page should just print what they have already confirmed.  Every user of the form is already a registered user of our site, so I’ve already hidden the first name / last name / email etc. and removed the “add extra guests” functionality as they’ll only have one.  The problem is, after rsvp’ing, they get presented with a screen where they can add extra guests and re-submit/change their mind.  I’ve been editing pluggable.php so far.  Any ideas?

    1. Instead of editing pluggable.php, you should be creating your own functions that override the default ones and putting them in a rsvpmaker-custom.php file as described above.

      You should be able to override the whole default routine for displaying the form with your own form and logic. That’s the idea, anyway.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply!
        Yeah, I got that, but this is for one specific form on a one-off site, so we don’t need to re-use anything for any other events etc. As such, it felt quicker…

        So, is there any way to switch off the editable state of the fields for anyone who has confirmed already and/or returns to the RSVP form?


  6. Love the plugin…Kudos. 
    Is there a way to edit the responses, say from the RSVP Report? 
    Also, is there a way to remove the Notes from being displayed when the Show Attendee button is clicked? 

  7. I’m sorry, I’ve been running behind on responding to requests for enhancements and possible modifications. Will try to bunch up some of these and address soon.

        1. Hi Michael. This is possible but you will have to edit the plugin’s core files to do this and you won’t be able to simply update it when David releases a new version because the changes you made will be overwritten. 

          David, is it possible to implement this on the next version of the plugin? Change rsvpmaker to rsvp? Unfortunately, it will affect all the current users of the plugin because URLs will have to change. So I guess not.

    1. The tutorial you’re pointing to is not using RSVPMaker. It outlines a different technique for handling dates.

      So you want to have a listing of only today’s events, nothing in the future? I’m sorry, that’s not a requirement I ever anticipated so it would not be an easy one to address.

  8. Hi David! May I know the correct format of the date in the custom field ”
    _rsvp_deadline”. I am trying to use meta_compare with today’s date so I can exclude event posts whose deadline date has passed. My date format is m/d/Y H:i:s but it is not comparing properly with 
    _rsvp_deadline which may have a different format. Appreciate your help. Thanks!

  9. Hi,
    I used the rsvpmaker-custom.php and it loaded up when i view my website, so i know that i placed the file in the right directory. My main goal is to be able to down it from admin panel as an excel file and that part is not working. Under RSVP Events > RSVP Report it shows that i have X number of RSVP for an event. When i click on it, it shows me who they are and shows a link at top for “Format for printing” and “Download to Excel” and a link at the bottom to Delete record. When i click on “Download to Excel”, nothing happens but other 2 links (print and delete) works. Can you please look into it? I tried the default customer file and my edited file and neither of the time i was able to download the excel file. 
    Also, i don’t need “first name” and “last name” i want to rename them and i want to make sure that each of those field show up with proper “Cell” name in excel and not as “first name” “last name”.

    1. Also, the “Download to Excel” box at the bottom of the page does not show. only the link “Download to Excel” shows at the top of the page and im using WP 3.3.2

      1. You should see a form at the bottom of the page with checkboxes for the available data fields and a button that says Get Spreadsheet. The Download to Excel link on the page is an internal link that takes you to that part of the page. When you click on the button, an Excel file should be downloaded in the background and pushed to your browser. If your browser handles downloads in the background, you may not see anything visually displayed on screen, but when you check the browser’s downloads records you should see it there.

        You say you’re not seeing the download form with that button at all? Have you already made modifications to the rsvp_report function using the customization file?

        1. Hi,
          If I use the custom file (without any modifications- just the way you provide it), I don’t see the download box. But if I use the default RSVP file, I see the download box in the admin. Right now, I’m using the default file with modifications and I was able to rename all the fields in the form and in excel but I know that once you releace an update, I will lose all that if I forget to backup. So, I’m still looking for a solution.

  10. hi, this is brilliant, i’ve been trying to provide a function which lets you chose what the rsvp sholud contain. Some might only contain e-mail and some only name. I want to create checkboxes for each; (similar to the captcha option) i managed to create the boxes but not the rest. can someone guide me?

  11. Thank you for this plugin. It’s working well for us!
    My board members want me to remove “# signed up so far.”
    I see the question in the comments below, but don’t see the answer.
    Could you tell me how to remove that?
    Thanks much!

    1. That’s controlled by your theme, either single.php (same as for single blog posts) or single-rsvpmaker.php if you want to create a variation specifically for events (recommended if you want to eliminate distractions like the comment form and the event posted date vs. date of the event).

  12. How can I change the form to use a radio button instead of the checkboxes to select a time choice? Can this be coded as an option in a future upgrade? Thanks

  13. Hi

    It looks like a wonderful plugin. Thanks for providing this to the community. I was wondering if you have any plan to let registered users add event via the front end.

    Thanks again.

    1. There’s a checkbox on the event setup form that will let you make an event require that the individual log in first. You need to make your members at least subscriber-level WordPress users. I’ve done things like that with some of my sites.

      1. Thanks for the quick response.

        I guess I want it to be simpler. I just want the first person to tell me how many people they are bringing. If it’s 10 guests, I don’t care about their names. Just quantity.

      2. Same here… as with Jerry, I would just like to include a guest count rather than require people to provide guest names. (Much like I’m going to look to changing this to do that…

  14. I would like to add fields to the guest information. So once the person RSVPing clicks on add guest, there are not only fields for name, but also phone, phone type and email. And if they add a second guest the same group of fields pop up. I don’t know anything about coding so I am really struggling to link this information to the add guest link. Any help would be appreciated.

  15. Hi David, Is it possible to change the login page? I don’t want to user login via wp-login.php page. I want o change the login page to a custom login page.

  16. The confirmation email includes a calendar (to add event to your outlook calendar) with the wrong times. Our event is programmed from 6PM to 9PM and all email confirmations (regardless of timezone) list the event as 1PM to 4PM. Is there a way to fix this?

    1. Check the Settings -> General screen in WordPress to make sure the timezone where your event is being held has been set. Choose a City in the same timezone as you. The software has to be able to calculate the difference between local time and GMT / UTC 0.

      While checking on your issue, I did find an issue with the iCal/Outlook button displayed on the website not giving the correct time, but I don’t think that’s the issue you ran into.

      If you do have the timezone set correctly and still see this issue, let me know. It would help if you could tell me exactly what you have set as the timezone and provide a link to a sample event I can use for testing.

      1. It looks to me like you have done some customization because the confirmation message after I RSVP is not displayed in the standard way. So it’s at least possible that the issues you’re reporting are related to your customizations rather than the base plugin. I did not receive the confirmation message.

        Do you have the latest version of RSVPMaker installed?

        Do you have an SMTP mail account setup for the delivery of confirmation messages?

        What is your timezone setting? Houston, so Central timezone: Chicago?

  17. How can you extend the distance in the future that it shows events? I do not wish to be confined by only 6 weeks ahead – instead I would like to show everything for the year.

    1. If you edit the shortcode, rather than using the popup visual editor for the calendar, you could do something like this (large value for days and -1 to say posts_per_page should be unlimited)

      [rsvpmaker_upcoming calendar="1" days="600" posts_per_page="-1" type="" one="0" hideauthor="0" past="0" no_events="No events currently listed" nav="bottom"]

  18. Hi, In the black WordPress top bar there is a “+ New” item which when clicked shows a drop-down menu which lets a user add new pages, posts etc.

    There is a listing for “Event” for the RSVP Events, but I need to update that text to “RSVP Events” as I also use “The Events Calendar” plugin, which also puts and “Event” listing there as well. It’s confusing to the User to have 2 item on the drop-down menu which both say “Event”. I like the look and feel of “The Events Calendar” calendar, but like your functionality of RSVPMaker better, so I want to use both.

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