Improvements to RSVP Report

I’ve upgraded the RSVP Report to be a little neater, include a function for printing reports, and add an option for deleting entries (including spam entries or test entries).

RSVP Report, showing the listing of upcoming events and how many RSVPs for each:

Listing of responses for a specific event:

Note the new “Format for Printing” link, which pulls up a version of this report that opens in a new window with no links or WordPress branding / navigation showing.

Clicking the delete link under a name brings up a confirmation screen. If there were guests associated with the entry, you’ll be asked if you want to delete them, too.

If you want to create fancier reports, you can do so by overriding the rsvp_report function (See: Changing the RSVP Form, Other Customizations)

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  1. Is it possible to export the event attendees with all the information to an excel spreadsheet? I’ve created a form to accept people signing up for a service that a client is going to provide. And we need to store this information and be able to retrieve it as needed. Is there a shortcode for outputing the information to a page? If not, could there be.

    Thanks, jim

    1. There is an option to do export to excel using the PEAR Spreadsheet library, which right now has to be installed separately. You’ll see a checkbox for enabling that function on the options page.

      Someone pointed out that library is no longer being maintained, so I should probably do something different going forward, but that’s what I’ve got in there today. Try it, and see if it does what you need.

      1. I read the instructions and don’t have commandline access to run the pear installer. Or is it as simple as ftp’ing the folder I downloaded? If so, where does it go?

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