Utility for Posting Recurring Events

I just published RSVPMaker version 0.7.5, which updates the utility for adding a series of recurring events. This includes the ability for software to calculate the dates based on a schedule like “Second Tuesday of the month.”

The idea is that you can create a basic event listing for several months into the future, with boilerplate details on your meeting location and other common parameters such as whether an RSVP will be required. You can then go back and edit or update those listings as needed.

This alternate editor does not include the rich text editor you get when you edit a single post, but you can include your own HTML in the description body. The RSVP options at the bottom of the screen are the same ones displayed on the main event editor screen.

Recurring Event Editor

If I make use of the ability to specify a schedule such as “Second Tuesday,” I get a series of dates loaded into the editor. I change the dates as necessary (for example, to account for schedule changes around holidays), enter my details, and submit.

Fetching a calculated series of dates

The results:

Sample Recurring Event

I also provide a Multiple Events editor, which is even more basic — just a quick way of editing a bunch of events at once. Again, you can always go back and enhance the listings as needed.

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