To-Do List for Improvements

These are mostly things I got as requests from other people who have tried RSVPMaker and are looking for some extra features. Let me know if these are on your list, or if you see other areas for improvement, so I will know what to prioritize.

  • Ability to set both a start date and a deadline for accepting RSVPs. Currently, I only provide a start date.
  • When soliciting signups for specific timeslots (for example, volunteers at an event), allow variable lengths for the timeslots (currently fixed at one hour).
  • For multi-day events with RSVPs, the option of letting people sign up for one or more days but not necessarily all. So for a 3-day event, we might provide checkbox for those who only want to sign up for two days out of three.
  • Some system for approving RSVPs, where there is some criteria for acceptance. I got this request a few weeks ago but am unsure how it should work, so not giving it a high priority.
  • A way to specify different RSVP forms for different event types. Might offer this as a set of cookbook guidelines for people who want to do special customizations, rather than as a core part of the plugin.

The trick with addressing some of these requests will be doing so without cluttering things up too much for those whose needs are more basic.

I’m planning to move some of the more complicated options that only apply in special cases to a separate section of the control panel for setting RSVP parameters.

The event type category I provide isn’t really being used for anything now. I’m thinking that the shortcodes for displaying listings should have a way of designating that you only want to list the events in the featured category or some other category.

Also want to revise the recurring event editor to let you specify how far ahead you want to project the dates for the events you are setting up.


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  1. Iugradmark Avatar

    Is there any way to have an event that repeats every day. I’m thinking of a meeting or class that keeps repeating.

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