Version 0.9, Better Editing of Dates

I’m getting ready to declare RSVPMaker polished enough that it deserves version 1.0 status.

Today, I put out version 0.9, with these changes:

  • Made it easier to edit dates for events previously entered in system.
  • Widget and headlines listing shortcode output now include a link to your event listing page.
  • Cleanup on options handling.

Previously, if you entered an event and wanted to change the date or time, you had to delete the existing date and enter a new one. Embarrassingly awkward, I know, but it was a detail I hadn’t gotten around to doing anything about until now. First, I had to solve a few programming challenges related to the way dates are calculated.

Now the date editing panel looks like this:

Download it here:


4 responses to “Version 0.9, Better Editing of Dates”

  1. Your plugin is great and I was so happy to find. However, I have a small issue I don’t to able to figure out: notifications are not sent. Reports do collect the info so no information is lost. However, since notifications are not sent to the organizers, I have to send the reports manually to the organizers. Any suggestions to resolve this problem?

    1. Mireille,

      The two most likely possibilities would be that either the email notifications are being sent, but they’re getting spam filtered (have the recipients check their spam folders) or your web host prevents sending of automated messages from the PHP mail function.

      I have a modified version of the email notification function that I use on my own server, but it requires you to have the PEAR mail and mime PHP libraries installed on your system. The modified function is included in the rsvpmaker-config.php file I include as an example for code-level customizations of RSVPMaker.

  2. Hi David,
    Thanks for your plugin. Is it possible to select which RSVP fields to display, ie. if I only want to display email address, can I do so? It would be great if I can set the fields in Settings and then over-ride on individual events.

    1. Currently, you have to make a code-level change to alter which fields are displayed. There’s a section of the documentation that talks about overriding functions such as the one to display the form.

      I’m trying to strike the right balance between flexibility and complexity, and there are already a lot of options on the form for setting up events. If someone can show me a way the plugin could be improved, with the code to do so, I’d certainly welcome that.

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