Troubleshooting RSVPMaker

I’m happy to hear that RSVPMaker is working well for some people, but I also get a few reports from people who are having problems. Here are some guidelines for resolving any issues you may encounter.

One known (but not completely understood) issue is that some WordPress users report getting “page not found” messages when trying to view an RSVPMaker event or click on the RSVP button. This appears to be a problem with either specific WordPress configurations (multisite?) or interference with other plugins that also manipulate the permalinks setup.

If you run into this issue, there is now a “Tweak Permalinks” checkbox you can click on the options / settings page for RSVPMaker. This should clear up the issue (by making WordPress refresh the permalinks more frequently), but let me know if it does not.

I’ve also added a “Debug” mode checkbox on the settings page. You should only turn this on if you’re having trouble.  It adds a “Debug” screen to the RSVP Events menu where you can check system variables or share them with me, relaying them to me by email.

I hope very few people will have to visit this page, but at least if you are having some sort of trouble it gives me a better chance of figuring out why it is occurring.

Debug screen, showing a readout of RSVP responses

5 thoughts on “Troubleshooting RSVPMaker”

  1. HI! I’ve been using this plugin for a little while and wanted to thank you for putting it together. I also have an issue when I try to download to excel.  I get Fatal error: Class ‘PHPExcel_Worksheet_PageSetup’ not found in …file path… on line 337

  2. I’m new to using WordPress and your RSVPMaker plugin and I am having a problem with the CAPTCHA security check. If I remove this option the RSVP works fine, but when trying to use the CAPTCHA the RSVP always come back with “incorrect security code entered”. Is there a setting I need to change on the plug-in or WordPress to make the CAPTCHA work?

    1. It’s possible you’re missing a file from the PHPExcel library I include with the plugin and might have to reinstall. If you FTP to your server and look in the directory for the plugin you should find a subdirectory / file structure that looks something like this:


      If the PageSetup.php file is not there, that might explain the error you’re seeing. I’m basing this on a PHPExcel support thread where someone reported a similar problem that seemed to be due to a glitch with the installation.

  3. Next to the CAPTCHA this code is visible, not only on MY website but a whole bunch other websites if you Google the code and RSVPMaker.

    alt=”CAPTCHA image”>

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