RSVPMaker 1.0 Released (Make that 1.1)

Update: After a couple of small bug fixes, RSVPMaker is actually at 1.1 already.

I finally worked up the nerve to call RSVPMaker a version 1.0 quality product. The latest release includes a number of things people have been asking for, as well as a few things that are considered best practices, such as providing an uninstall script to remove custom tables and plugin-specific database entries.

Here’s the rundown:


  • Added a basic_form function that you can override to change the basic fields of the RSVP form. For example, you can change it to omit the section that asks for the names of guests. This is in addition to the rsvp_profile function, which is used to collect additional contact details such as phone # or mailing address. See the instructions for adding custom functions.
  • You have the option of allowing the names of attendees and the contents of the notes field to be displayed publicly. To avoid encouraging spam entries, this content is loaded via AJAX and only when the user clicks the Show Attendees button
  • Moved most of the default formatting into a CSS file that is queued up on pages that show event content. There is in option on the settings page for specifying your own css file to use instead. Most inline styles have been replaced by class selectors. However, the styling of the RSVP Now button is still set on the RSVPMaker settings screen. Works better for email distribution of events.
  • RSVP Report now lists timestamp on reply and lets you sort by either alphabetical order or most recent.
  • If you’re signing up employees or workers for specific timeslots, you can now set that to half-hour increments
  • Tweaked redirection code to handle confirmation and error messages on sites that don’t have permalinks enabled
  • Changed label for RSVPMaker widget as it shows up on the administrator’s screen under Appearance.
  • Added an uninstall script for removing custom tables and database entries.

7 thoughts on “RSVPMaker 1.0 Released (Make that 1.1)”

  1. Hello.

    Thank you for the update. I installed the new version but once I was doing a test on it for rsvp, it never gave me confirmation that the rsvp was done (like a thank you, etc). Also when I tried to check if at least it was put on the RSVP report in admin site, it didn’t pull my test. I tried reinstalling the plugin but now, it’s giving me this error when uninstalling:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function get_results() on a non-object in ***some address of my website***/wp-content/plugins/rsvpmaker/uninstall.php on line 70

    Can you tell me how to fix this? Thanks 🙂

    1. Jan,

      What happens when you try to submit an rsvp? Error message, or it just ignores the submission? Is there a test event on your site that I can try to see what happens?

      Anything unusual about your setup? Everything in the default directories, or have you moved things around for security reasons? Is it a standalone site or multisite?

      The only reason to run the uninstall script is if you’re trying to completely remove the plugin and all its db entries and settings. Looks like for some reason it’s not finding your wp-config file and loading the wpdb database object. I’ll check to see if there’s anything I can change there, but if you’re trying to get the plugin moving that’s not the highest priority.

  2. Congrats on 1.0 release. I noticed new text “0 signed up so far” appears on my events page although I do not have RSVP nor Display attendee name activated. How can I get rid of this text?

    1. You don’t like the # of responses showing up as default behavior? Maybe that should be a checkbox option, like the show attendees thing. I don’t have an immediate fix for you, but probably can make a change within the next couple of weeks.

      1. I would also like to remove the “signed up so far” text – so far as I can tell, there’s no checkbox to remove it, and I’m loath to edit the code experimentally on an active site. Is there a way to remove it?

  3. I just put out a version 1.1 with a couple of fixes

    First, I wasn’t aware of some default functionality for how WordPress processes an uninstall.php file. I’ve cleaned that up so it works automatically, rather than prompting users to say what tables and DB entries they want to remove. I provided a separate cleanup.php file for anyone who wants to remove the data more selectively.

    Second, events with no RSVP parameters set were showing up as “0 signed up so far” – the count now only shows up if you’re asking for RSVPs (duh!).

    As we say in my first profession (journalism), “we regret the error.”

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