RSVPMaker 2.0 Released

RSVPMaker version 2.0 is available for download at

The most significant change is that I’ve fixed the function for downloading reports to Excel. Again. Yes, I previously announced this improvement, but it turned out to be premature because bundling in the required PEAR library turned out to be more complicated than I anticipated. This update instead uses the PHPExcel library.

My apologies to everyone who tried this on the last go-round and got an ugly error message. But you should now see a link on the RSVP Report that allows you to download a summary of the latest replies as an Excel file.

There’s still plenty of room for improvement in the reporting functions, if any PHP code slingers out there would like to jump in and help.

Update: Version 2.1

Just to make this a little more interesting, I added a couple of things that have been on my todo list.

On the RSVPMaker Settings page, you will now see a Profile Table setting where you can edit the HTML markup for the section section of the RSVP form that asks for additional details, beyond name and email. You can add additional fields in HTML and they will be recorded as long as you follow the name=”profile[fieldname]” convention. The standard text field length is size=”60″

Previously, it was necessary to do some PHP coding to override the function that displays the RSVP form – and that still might be appropriate for those who want to do something particularly fancy. But I didn’t think it made sense for just adding or changing a data entry field.

Also, I had gotten a request a few weeks ago for a shortcode for listing past events.

You can now do this –

[event_listing past="1" format="headline" date_format="F jS, Y"]

– for a listing of events like the one below. The date_format field is optional but the idea here was to include the year, which you can imagine might be needed for a site that had events stretching back several years. That’s the standard PHP date code format.

Update: Version 2.2

I also added the option to add a CAPTCHA challenge image if you’re having problems with spam bots.