RSVPMaker 2.7 released, adds login option for events on membership-oriented sites

Version 2.7 addresses a scenario I’ve heard from some other people, and also encountered myself, where you’re running a membership-oriented site where the people who will be RSVP’ing for events have profiles associated with a WordPress login to the website. So maybe you want to restrict RSVPs to people who can log into the website and also prevent members from having to manually fill out basic info on the RSVP form.

There’s now a checkbox that allows you to specify that a login is required before entering an RSVP. You can also make logging in optional, and RSVPMaker still will retrieve profile details if it detects that the user is logged in.

Once the member logs in, first name, last name, and email can can automatically be filled in on the form so the person responding only has to supply any additional details that might be required.

It’s possible to read in other profile data by customizing the rsvpmaker_profile_lookup function. For example, if your member profiles include a phone number, you can retrieve that data and have it automatically filled in on the form.

Read the article on Advanced Customization for details on how to make code-level tweaks without having them overwritten when you upgrade.

If you want to add additional profile fields associated with your member accounts, here’s a good tutorial.