RSVPMaker 2.7.5 released

Version 2.7.5 is available now

This is the first time in several months that I’ve released an update. I’ve been wrapped up with a book project ( Social Collaboration For Dummies, due out in October) but should have time to do another update within the next month, catching up on feature requests and bug fixes.

In addition to being tested with WordPress 3.6, today’s release addresses two issues:

  • Fixes a glitch in the display of the CAPTCHA image (for those who turn on that feature)
  • Makes the display of the Yes/No radio buttons optional. There are circumstances where you want to track No responses as well as Yes responses, but a number of people said they would rather not show it when they only care about the yes answers.


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  1. David Redekop Avatar
    David Redekop

    Hi David, just love this plugin! I thought it would be perfect for our homeschool group events until I deployed it and found that a wordpress user (subscriber) cannot signup for two events. Once they have RSVP’d to one event, all events appear as responded to. In other words, the user can never RSVP to another event.

    I suspect that the use case for most plugin users is that they are anonymous users. In our case, we page-restrict everything in our wordpress instance to actual wordpress users, so our use-case is never one of unauthenticated web users.

    In any case, we would switch to this in a heartbeat if subscribers could RSVP to more than one event 🙂

    Thanks for your great work David!

    1. Not supposed to work that way, so I’ll have to do some tests to see if I can reproduce the problem. First, let me make sure I understand the issue.

      One possible source of confusion: It’s normal for the RSVP form to be automatically filled in with the logged in individual’s name and contact info, which are pulled from their WordPress user profile. That’s a convenience to avoid duplicate data entry: doesn’t mean they’re in the system as having already RSVP’ed. If you run an RSVP report, you wouldn’t see them in the system as having responded to events if they haven’t actually submitted a response. Or at least I wouldn’t expect that to be the case.

      Or is there something that actually prevents them from entering an RSVP or confuses their response to one event with other events?

      1. I’m not seeing the glitch you describe. I just RSVP’ed to a couple of different events while being logged in, and they were tracked separately.

        If you have previously RSVP’ed for an event, you will see a message at the top of the form that says “Your RSVP: Yes” (or No) so that you have an opportunity to change a Yes to a No if it turns out you can’t attend after all.

        If you don’t see that “Your RSVP” message at the top, you’re not in the system as having responded. It’s possible that the user interface needs to be clearer, or that I’m misunderstanding the issue you’re reporting, or that there is something different about the configuration of your site that I’m not taking into account.

        Let me know if my explanation makes sense.

        1. David Redekop Avatar
          David Redekop

          David thank you for responding so quickly. I removed it completely, added it back in after your comments, and it appears to work now. The same subscriber can now respond to multiple distinct events. No idea how/why it didn’t work before, just glad it’s working now. Thanks again!

        2. David Redekop Avatar
          David Redekop

          I should add that this time I installed 2.7.5 and previously I had the prior version.

  2. Hi David,

    I can’t save recurring events. Not sure what happened, but after saving they are not displayed in the event list. The form is submitting to wp-adim/edit.php and then shows a list of posts. Any insight on how to correct this?

    1. This is fixed in version 2.7.8, which is available now.

      1. Thanks! 🙂

  3. 2 questions
    – how and in wihich file do i modify the RSVP NOW button
    – I use a dutch translations file. But the date (day, months) etc is still in english. How to change?


  4. Rebecca Barber Avatar
    Rebecca Barber

    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been having trouble with the ‘Login Required’ and ‘Show Yes/No Radio button’ checkboxes on the admin page.

    If you check the ‘Login Required’ you are unable to uncheck it again.

    For the ‘Show Yes/No radio buttons’…
    1. Check the ‘Show Yes/No’… save the event.

    2. Uncheck the ‘Show Yes/No’… save the event.

    3. Don’t make any changes and save the event…
    4. The ‘Show yes/no’ will appear as checked


  5. Susan Mouw Avatar
    Susan Mouw

    Hi David

    While I really like what I’ve seen so far of RSVPmaker, I can’t seem to get the paypal config file to be found.

    I have uploaded a fake pp file to a directory off the root, called 1testfile. Filezilla doesn’t give me the whole path, like you’re showing, so I used the path given in rsvpmaker (the “On your system, the base web directory is: /var/chroot/home/content/28/11067328/html” statement). So I entered the whole path in the parenthesis and /1testfile/fakeppfilename.php. I’m still getting file not found. What am I doing wrong?

  6. Susan Mouw Avatar
    Susan Mouw

    I should add that I’m using ver 2.7.8. 🙂

  7. An error has popped up this weekend (after several months of working properly) that when registrants press “next” to pay by PayPal, they get the following error:

    PayPal Error
    Ack Code Failure
    Version 3.0
    Error Number: 10412
    Short Message: Duplicate Invoice
    Long Message: Payment has already been made for this InvoiceID

    Is this a user error, or something going on with the RSVP Events or PayPal transition?
    Please help,

    1. I did a quick test here on this site, which is running the current version, and it seemed to work ok. That error can crop up if the user submits the form more than once or clicks refresh. There can also be some confusion if multiple rsvps are put through with the same email address.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply. Is there a way to remove the invoice ID number (that’s what seems to be causing the problem)? I am using an older version (3.0.5) on my other site and have not had this problem.

        1. I just posted a release that includes the ability to disable invoice ID tracking. The tradeoff is reports won’t show rsvps as paid

          1. Thanks David! I updated to the new version, turned off ID tracking and that has “fixed” the transition problem. The tradeoff is fine with me because I can login to Paypal and download my list of paid registrations to compare with the excel registration sheet. (an extra step, but not a big deal). Thanks for editing your code for me.

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