New Event Templates Function. Also, Plugin Updated For Translation

Version 2.8 adds a better way of managing events that occur on a recurring basis. You can create an event template that includes all the boilerplate title and content details, along with a schedule such as every Friday or third Thursday, and the tool will allow you to project future dates matching that schedule and add events one at a time or in a batch. The template editor also tracks events previously added for that schedule and associates them with the template.

Listing event templates

This function is adapted from something I use on a community website where multiple users post recurring events for their own organizations. A single organization might also want to work with multiple templates, such as one for a regular weekly meeting and another for a monthly board meeting.

When you click on “New Template,” you get a version of the event editor that lists template options rather than single event options.

Creating a new template
Creating a new template

When you click “Projected Dates” for a template, you get a listing of any upcoming events associated with the template, as well as projected dates occurring for the regular schedule specified in the template. If you set the schedule to “Varies,” you’ll get a projected schedule showing the 1st of each upcoming month.

Projecting event dates

From the projected dates view, you can check off multiple dates and add them as a batch. All details from the template, including preferences like whether RSVPs should be collected by default, will be copied to the new events you create this way.

Translation Update

This release also updates the rsvpmaker.pot file in the translations folder, which can be used to produce translations into languages other than English. I significantly expanded the number of words and phrases that will be accessible for translation, after being contacted by a volunteer who wants to do a Spanish version. I’ll see if I can get updates from other translators as well.

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