Example of a community website built around RSVPMaker

BlueBroward.org is a community website for South Florida Democrats, and the events template/additional editors functions I added in recent releases was built around the requirement for multiple Democratic club officers and multiple campaign representatives to be able to able to collaborate on managing a series of recurring events or working together on a campaign. Previously, I used some other crude hacks to achieve that effect, but I’ve been working to get the site in synch with the main RSVPMaker codebase as much as possible.

The BlueBroward.org implementation of RSVPMaker is extensively customized, using the same customization technique I make available to all developers. The campaign listings function is not part of RSVPMaker but I have it using the same method of allowing users to designate other users as “additional editors” (even though they are authors rather than editors under the WordPress editing rights scheme). The email notifications are also custom.

I share this not because of anything to do with the politics involved but to show what’s possible with RSVPMaker and particularly the event templates functionality.

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  1. Would it be possible to add a captcha or something similar (like “what’s 5+5?”) to the RSVP form, to help stop trolls from adding their info as RSVPs to your event? My website has been getting quite a lot of spam RSVPs lately and I was thinking this might be a really nice feature to add to the basic RSVP form? Please let me know what you think or any suggestions you may have?

    1. I overlooked that you actually already have a CAPTCHA challenge as an option on RSVPmaker. Thank you and sorry for not seeing it the first time!

      I noticed RSVPMaker has a feature that when a user fills out the rsvp, if they have previously rsvped for something else it finds their “profile” and hides text boxes for items on file like phone number, etc. It might be cool to be able to do that with the captchca. Like, if it is the first time an email address is used, the user needs to correctly answer the image captchca, but if they are “on file” it does not ask again.

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