Embedding a single RSVPMaker event in a page or post

I’ve added an option for embedding a single event in a page or post, using the rsvpmaker_upcoming shortcode and the new attribute “one” — containing either the slug, the ID # for the event or the word “next” for the next event on your calendar. This works in RSVPMaker 3.0.5 and higher.

Here are a couple of examples:

[rsvpmaker_upcoming one="cub-scout-camping-trip"]
[rsvpmaker_upcoming one="next"]

I have two scenarios in mind for this:

  • Your club holds monthly or weekly meetings and you want to display just the next one upcoming on the front page of your website.
  • You have a big event that might be a couple of months away, but you want people to start signing up for it now — even though on the calendar, it might be way down the list. So you use this technique to highlight it on the front page of your site or in a post that will appear at the top of your blog.

If RSVPs are turned on for the event, and the event is still in the future, the RSVP Now! button will be displayed. If someone views an old blog post that includes the embedded event for which the date has gone past, the button will not be displayed.

10 thoughts on “Embedding a single RSVPMaker event in a page or post”

  1. Mine is just showing the short code when I view the post. Not displaying the event information as yours is above. I have updated the RSVPMaker plugin with the newest version.

    1. My guess: If you did a copy and paste from this blog post, you could have picked up the html formatting code I used to make the open and closed brackets for the shortcode display bold (a trick I use to make it display as text rather than being executed as a shortcode).

      Toggle the editor from visual to text and see if there’s a strong tag wrapped around the bracket characters.

      1. It would be a nice to have, but I can probably work around it for now.

        I’m curious, maybe there’s a way to do this already and I just haven’t figured it out yet… is there a way to pre-load the guests or invitees and then keep track of who has RSVP’d yet?

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