New and Improved Event Templates

I’ve been enhancing RSVPMaker event templates with features that are useful for my own projects and hopefully yours.

Creating and updating events based on a template
Creating and updating events based on a template

In the example here, I create a template for an event that happens every Sunday. RSVPMaker prompts me to create a series of events based on the projected schedule, which I can do selectively or by checking all. I check all and create a whole batch.

I still have the freedom to customize events individually, so I add details about a guest speaker to one particular event.

Now, when I update the template to change the boilerplate details, I have the option of updating all the existing events. I check all, but then omit the event I previously customized — preferring to go back and update that one individually.

This basic functionality has been in the last couple of versions of RSVPMaker, but the latest release does a little better job of integrating the editing of the template with the prompt to add or update individual event listings.


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