More Responsive Calendar, RSVP Report Table Display (Version 3.2.1)

Version 3.2.1, released today, includes a new, more responsive format for the calendar display that should work better in some themes (including Twenty Fourteen and Twenty Fifteen) that have a relatively narrow content display area. It uses the CSS overflow:hidden parameter to make sure long event titles don’t stretch table cells. I’ve also included a bit of JQuery code to display the hidden details when you hover over a row in the calendar table.

If you are using custom CSS for the calendar, you may have to make some adjustments. If you find it doesn’t work well with a particular theme, let me know.

The RSVP Report function has also been updated to include an option for displaying data in an HTML table. It works similarly to the download to Excel function (which requires the additional RSVPMaker Excel plugin).



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    1. I just posted version 3.2.5, which will allow you to include the timestamp in either the report of the Excel download. It’s a checkmark at the end of the list, along with the other available fields.

  1. Bah – I can’t find the short code to display the attendee’s list on a separate page. Is there this functionality?

  2. I’m rsvp-ing for an event that may hit 4000+ attendees. The excel reporting is already quite slow (takes almost 15s) after 700 registrants. Do you foresee any problems?

  3. Hello! I love this plugin. It’s exactly what I’m looking for with functions. I’m trying to customize it to fit the styles of my website and am having some trouble though. I don’t want to edit the style.css file because of losing them for future updates, but when I put in custom css, nothing is showing on my website. It removes the styles originally in the style.css, but it doesn’t put in the custom css changes I’ve made. Any help is much appreciated! I’d like to change font size of the events and calendar month titles, colors, and spacing.

    I also have another question. I’m using the calendar view and is there a way to not have the event name appear in a list when rolling over an event box?

    Thanks so much!

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