Building on RSVPMaker for WordPress: Add-ons for Volunteer Roles and Toastmasters Clubs

Over the years, I have found many ways of building on the basic event management functionality in the RSVPMaker WordPress plugin, both for my own projects and for consulting clients.

Volunteer Signups

The latest edition to the family, RSVPMaker Volunteer Roles, is for signing up registered members of a website to fulfill specific duties. RSVPMaker for Toastmasters (part of the WordPress for Toastmasters project) does something similar for chapters of that public speaking and professional development organization.

The Volunteer Roles plugin is more generic and was designed to meet the needs of a client who needed to sign up members of a rifle range to fill roles such as range safety officer for a given shift.

Any active event oriented site that wants to get the most out of RSVPMaker should also understand its event templates functionality for creating and managing recurring events. Take a look at the video tutorial I’ve linked to below to understand how you can create and manage recurring events in RSVPMaker. The latest release supports more flexible scheduling to support scenarios like meetings scheduled on the first and third Monday, or every Monday and Wednesday.

I’m sharing this partly because I’m looking for a few new projects as a web developer, as well as a writer, editor, digital marketing consultant, and freelance technology evangelist. See more about my services at the Carr Communications website or connect with me on LinkedIn (mention RSVPMaker in your introduction). Do you have a project for me or an introduction to someone who would?

Meanwhile, here is the latest on RSVPMaker.

— David F. Carr,

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