$99 Event Website Hosting Offer – WordPress + RSVPMaker


Because some people want the benefits of WordPress + RSVPMaker without the burden of setting up their own site, Carr Communications now offers the option of hosting an events website at a subdomain address like seminar.rsvpmaker.com. We handle the web hosting and technical details, but you get access to all the standard WordPress features. The result is something like the WordPress.com experience, with of the addition the event management capabilities of RSVPMaker.

In addition to posting your events, you can promote them through the blog and build out other pages for details like speaker bios and your event agenda.

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One trade-off is that you only get access to themes and plugins we have pre-approved. However, free plugins and themes from the wordpress.org repository will be made available, on request, contingent on the approval of our site administrator (meaning a review of code quality and web security concerns).

This offer does not include editorial, design, or technical services beyond provisioning a sudbomain website that you can manage yourself at rsvpmaker.com and keeping the software current. Write to david@carrcommunications.com if you would like to request additional consulting services.