Wanted: Translations and Translation Updates

Several people and organizations have been kind enough to produce translations of RSVPMaker into different languages over the years. Unfortunately, some of those are outdated and all of them are incomplete because they do not cover recently added features such as the email broadcast capability. I’m going back to past contributors to see if they will help again, but I am also looking for volunteers.

To be clear, this is not translation of content (such as the title and description of an event) but of the menus and explanatory text used within the software. I have made a concerted effort recently to ensure all those strings are properly coded for translation. Now, I just need some bilingual people to help.

You don’t need to be a programmer, but you do need to use some specialized tools such as POEdit (shown below) or an equivalent. POEdit displays the original language (English) side-by-side with the translation (in this case, French). The words and phrases in French are the ones for which no translation has yet been supplied.

POEdit translation tool
POEdit translation tool

The translation/localization process for plugins is explained in this WordPress.org article.

The source catalog containing all the translatable strings is here:

Note that the WordPress.org open source organization is in the process of changing how plugins translation is handled, so that you will be able to do it through a web-based tool. However, they are adding plugins to that project based on their popularity, and RSVPMaker has yet to make the cut. So for the time being, you will need to use a tool such as POEdit and email me the .po and .mo files it generates.

In the true spirit of open source, you will be making RSVPMaker more useful for yourself and others at the same time. Thanks!