New Shortcodes for Displaying a Single Event

In response to a few RSVPMaker user requests, as well as needs that cropped up for some of my own projects, I’ve added shortcodes for displaying a single event. There is already an option with the rsvpmaker_upcoming shortcode to specify that a single event should be displayed, but it will always show up with the RSVP Now! button people have to click on to go to the registration form.

The following variations allow you to display the whole form. While the version with the button is more compact for display in a listing of several events, it’s may not be what you want on a landing page for an event or a blog post announcing a single event.

[rsvpmaker_next], displays just the next scheduled event. If the type attribute is set, that becomes the next event of that type. Example: [rsvpmaker_next type=”webinar”]. Also, this displays the complete form rather than the RSVP Now! button unless showbutton=”1″ is set.

[rsvpmaker_one post_id=”10″] displays a single event post with ID 10. Shows the complete form unless the attribute showbutton=”1″ is set

[rsvpmaker_form post_id=”10″] displays just the form associated with an event (ID 10 in this example. Could be useful for embedding the form in a landing page that describes the event but where you do not want to include the full event content.

Using the popup calendar widget, then changing the code

Update: With release 4.4.2, the rsvpmaker_one and rsvpmaker_form shortcodes treat one=”10″ as the equivalent of post_id=”10″ — meaning you can set this up using the calendar popup in the visual editor to select your featured event post, in the WordPress editor’s Visual mode, then switch to text mode to change rsvpmaker_upcoming to one of these alternatives. You can then delete the rest of the attributes that don’t make sense in this scenario (but if you don’t they’ll just be ignored).


Here is the output of [rsvpmaker_next type=”webinar”]