Sending Confirmation Only After Payment, for Example with the Link for an Online Event

There are now 2 different confirmation messages you can configure in RSVPMaker, one for the initial registration and the other displayed only after payment when you are charging for an event. One scenario: you’re charging for an online class or webinar and do not want to share the link until after payment is collected.

You can test it right now by signing up for the Google Photos workshop my friend and client Chris Guld is taking registrations for.

Setting the Payment Confirmation options.

By default, RSVPMaker sends a confirmation email message immediately after an event registration is recorded. However, you can now change that to say the confirmation email should only be sent after payment is confirmed.

Click the calendar icon in the upper right hand corner of the editor screen to display all the RSVPMaker options. You do that by toggling on Confirm AFTER Payment in the Notifications and Reminders section of the RSVPMaker editor sidebar.

There are other scenarios where collecting money online may be optional, such as registering guests for a luncheon where attendees also have the option of paying at the door. In that case, you would leave Confirm AFTER Payment turned off, which is the default.

In the Pricing section, click to follow the link to Edit Payment Confirmation Message. Like the other confirmation and reminder messages, it’s set up so you can edit it in the WordPress editor. In the webinar example, this is where you would include the online meeting link and any other information to be shared only with paid attendees. Once payment is confirmed, registrants will receive a message with the subject line “Confirming payment for …” followed by the event post title and date.

Example: Email confirmation after payment for a webinar.


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