Countdown Timer for RSVPMaker for WordPress

RSVPMaker now offers a countdown timer block. You can embed it in an event, and it will show the countdown to the start time for that event. Or add it to a post or page (for example, a blog post highlighting how quickly the event is approaching) and specify which event you’re targeting.

You can see an example of how it works when embedded in an event below.

Styling the Countdown Timer

RSVPMaker provides some basic styling for the countdown timer, which you can modify to fit your preferences using, for example, the WordPress Customize tool. Here’s an example.

CSS classes you can target include:

  • countdowndigits: the digits included in the display
  • countdowndigits-line: the whole line of content
  • countdowndays, countdownhours, countdownminutes, countdownseconds: the components of the time
  • countdownspacer: wraps around the colon between hour, minutes, and seconds
  • countdowndayslabel: the label “days” that appears between the days and hours

You can also specify what should be displayed after the countdown has expired (the scheduled start time of the event is past). The choices are a “stopped clock” like 00:00:00, the stopped clock plus a message, or just the message you provide. If you don’t want anything displayed, select “none.”

If a message is displayed, it will be a paragraph with the class “countdown_expiration_message” as a target for any CSS.


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