Postmark integration for email newsletters and event invitations now part of the free RSVPMaker plugin for WordPress

Previously announced as a beta test of a premium plugin, the code for enabling Postmark integration is now part of the free core RSVPMaker plugin.

Starting at $10 per month for 10,000 email sends, Postmark is a reliable and efficient email distribution service that supports both broadcast messages (newsletters, event invitations, and announcements) as well as transactional messages (registration notifications and confirmations). In combination with RSVPMaker’s tools for composing email messages in the WordPress editor, it provides a convenient and cost-effective alternative to services like Mailchimp and MailPoet.

Previewing an email composed in the WordPress editor with an embedded YouTube video

“For me, this is a heck of a lot easier than dealing with Mailchimp!”

Dan Christensen, Editor and Founder, Florida Bulldog (see case study)

Although I would like to profit from the work I’ve invested in making RSVPMaker and Postmark work together, I’ve decided to hold back only a few premium features (and access to my services as a consultant).

If you’re in the business of hosting small business websites on WordPress multisite, talk with me about how you can provide your clients with access to email marketing services as an upgrade to their subscription. That’s something I’m doing myself for users of Toastmost, a website hosting service for Toastmasters clubs and districts. Also not included in the base plugin are features for managing email forwarders and discussion lists from within the WordPress dashboard, also created as part of the Toastmost solution.

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