How to Customize the RSVP Now! Button

The latest version of RSVPMaker changes the RSVP Now! button to one with a red background and white text — while also allowing you to customize the button in the WordPress editor. Previous versions used a red-white-and-blue button (a holdover from a political campaign) and had to be edited as HTML code.

In RSVPMaker Settings under RSVP Button, you will now see a link that lets you edit the button template as a separate document. You can change the text on the button to, for example, say Register Now, and you can also change the colors (see below).

The link attached to the button is a placeholder code (%s) and should not be changed. This document is not intended to include anything other than the button content. Once you update this special post, your revised button will be used with every event that has RSVPs turned on.

The button template

Changing the Colors

  1. Select the content block for the button in the editor.
  2. If the sidebar is not displayed, click the Settings button in the upper right hand corner of the editor screen to display it
  3. Click the half-filled circle within the block properties sidebar to reveal the Styles tab.
  4. Choose the colors you want for the button text and background. You can either:
    • Pick one of the predefined colors, which include colors defined by your theme (meaning they should fit in well with your current website design).
    • Or click on the color swatch (the part that says “Vivid red” in the example below) to pick any color of your choice by entering its hex value of picking from the color wheel.
Style settings for the button
Choosing a custom color

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