How to Post and Email an Event

The RSVPMaker and ChimpBlast plugins work together to let you send event invitations through the MailChimp broadcast email service. This tutorial uses the system as installed on the Economic Forum of Palm Beach County website as an example. Using the RSVPMaker options page, I’ve configured things so we always ask for an RSVP response by …

Feature Requests So Far

Update: I wound up publishing a new version that addresses most of these requests sooner than planned, after I found a few other errors that needed to be corrected. I expect to publish an update to the RSVPMaker Plugin in about a week. Feedback has been good overall. People who have tried other event management …

How to Set Up PayPal with RSVPMaker

For more current information, see RSVPMaker includes integration routines from the PayPal software developer’s kit to allow you to solicit online payments for your events and record which users have paid. The setup is a little bit involved, but there’s a reason for it. See also the Video tutorial on PayPal configuration I could …

What You Can Do With RSVPMaker

I developed the RSVPMaker plugin to serve the event scheduling needs of multiple volunteer organizations, political campaigns, and professional groups I have worked with. It attempts to address many of the common requirements of these groups, while still leaving a great deal of flexibility for customization. The plugin uses the custom post types feature introduced …

Cub Scout Camping Trip

Friday March 19, 2021

Saturday March 20, 2021

Sunday March 21, 2021


This would be a typical event setup for my son’s cub scout pack, a 3-day event with RSVPs requested and families encouraged to pay online.

You can step through the RSVP process to see how the prompt ….