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Last month, we released an update to the Postmark.Net library that expanded the client’s capabilities to support all of the Postmark API, as well as modernizing and streamlining the library. Today, we’re proud to announce Postmark-PHP.

Postmark-PHP is an official, tested, and comprehensive PHP Client for the Postmark API. As with Postmark.NetPostmark-PHP will become our officially supported library for using Postmark in PHP.

Let’s talk about the features of Postmark-PHP:

  • Complete Postmark API Coverage. Anything you can do with the REST API can be done with this client. By including this support, you can do any of the following through the client: Send and process outbound messages, access and process inbound messages. configuring tag and rule triggers, creating and updating Servers, managing Sender Signatures, and more.
  • Easy installation via Composer. Composer has become the de facto package manager for PHP. Adding Postmark-PHP to your project is as easy as running: composer require wildbit/postmark-php
  • Comprehensive Documentation. We believe that having documentation available when you’re using Postmark-PHP is critical. This is the reason we have comprehensive PHPDoc blocks for all public classes and methods in the library. We also have written new documentation with extensive examples. As we mentioned before, the developer documentation for the REST API can be invaluable, so be sure to check out those resources!
  • Support for multiple PHP runtimes. Postmark-PHP is tested and supported on PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, and hhvm. We verify that the client passes all tests on every commit.
  • Test Coverage. Having tests means never being afraid to upgrade. Postmark-PHP includes complete coverage of all public client methods. As a bonus, these serve as great usage examples for each of the API calls.

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