New RSVPMaker features include support for one or more coupon codes per event, an option to have RSVPMaker automatically send a reminder when someone registers but does not complete the registration with a payment, and a Limited Time Content wrapper block for the Gutenberg / WordPress 5 editor. The latter makes it easier to post content that should not be displayed, or which should be removed from your website, based on the start and end times you specify.

In response to a user request (underwritten with a donation to the cause), RSVPMaker now allows you to establish coupon codes for discount pricing for an event.

Setting coupon codes.

Another feature, probably long overdue, is that you can have RSVPMaker send a “Payment Required” reminder when someone registers for your event but doesn’t pay. In e-commerce terms, this is essentially an “abandoned shopping cart” problem that needs solving if you want people to pay for an event in advance and do not want them showing up thinking they are registered when they failed to complete the registration with a payment.

A new “Limited Time Content” wrapper block for the WordPress 5+ / Gutenberg editor allows RSVPMaker to control the display of whatever blocks of content you place inside. You can set it to not display the content before the specified start date and time (for example, the start of a sale) or after the end date and time (the end of the sale).

A promotion with an expiration date.

You can provide a start date, an end date, or both.


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