If you see a prompt to upgrade your registration form after updating RSVPMaker, here’s what that’s all about — a big improvement in your options for customizing the form, taking advantage of the new visual editor for WordPress.

If you install RSVPMaker version 6.0+ and are running WordPress 5.0 or later, you will have the option of activating a new RSVP registration form that you can customize using Gutenberg, the new WordPress visual editor. One of the reasons I like Gutenberg is that it makes it easier to define visual components for content creation that happen to lend themselves well to many of my projects.

The new form builder makes it much easier to customize what fields are included, what the labels on those fields are, and the order in which they are presented, both for the person filling out the form and any guests included in their party.

As before, the default form asks for:

  • First Name, Last Name, and Email
  • A single phone number, with a drop down list for specifying whether it is a mobile, home, or work number
  • A section for adding the names of guests
  • A note field where the person registering can add a comment

You can delete any of these fields and add others. You can determine which fields are required and which ones should also show up in the guest section (if you’ve included the guest section).

Here’s an example of the default form for Online Presenters Toastmasters, a public speaking and professional development club that meets online and focuses on the skills you need to present online. There’s no guest section (that’s more appropriate for offline events like luncheons) but we gather some other information about our guests.

Online Presenters RSVP form

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