I hope to see you soon at the RSVPMaker for WordPress webinar.

To attend, please log into https://zoom.us/j/6082758956 at the appointed time. Zoom is a video conferencing / video chat environment where you will be able to ask questions using your computer mic or type them into a chat box. I will be able to screen share for demos.

Note that you should try that link a few minutes before the scheduled start time, particularly if you don’t already have the Zoom software downloaded. You may also see an option to join using a web-only client if your browser supports the WebRTC protocol.

Note to Users of the Toastmasters Version

Several of my friends from the Toastmasters world have signed up — thank you — but I should make it clear that I will not be focusing on Toastmasters-specific features such as setting up a meeting agenda / agenda template. I will be covering more basic details about working with event templates, which are very important to using the Toastmasters version effectively.

I may show off WordPress for Toastmasters briefly as an example of an application built on top of RSVPMaker.

If there is time, I may be able to ask Toastmasters-specific questions at the end of the session. But the software is also used for many other purposes, like registering people for seminars and networking events.

See you soon.


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