RSVPMaker now allows you to include upcoming event listings in email newsletters distributed using MailPoet, the plugin and email sending service recently purchased by Automattic, the company behind WordPress. You can also have people who register for your events sign up for your email list at the same time by including the Mailing Lists Checkbox block in your RSVP form.

For the benefit of interested developers, I’ve included some technical details about the integration at the end of this post.

Test it from the subscriber’s point of view by signing up at RSVPMaker’s MailPoet List Demo page. (The official RSVPMaker list remains a MailChimp list, at least for now).

RSVPMaker upcoming events listed along with recent blog posts in an email newsletter created with MailPoet.

MailPoet is free for lists of up to 1,000 providers and a less expensive than MailChimp for large lists. Although RSVPMaker includes is own email utilities, including the ability to construct newsletters for distribution through MailChimp, I wouldn’t claim it rivals the design tools MailPoet provides.

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