This is an RSVPMaker tweak I’m starting to use for my own projects where reliable delivery of email notifications is important.

Using RSVPMaker With The SendGrid API Plugin

The latest update to RSVPMaker includes some tweaks for better compatibility with plugins for improved email delivery and particularly the SendGrid plugin, which I may start standardizing on for my own RSVPMaker projects going forward. The plugin improves delivery of basic transactional emails such as password reset messages. RSVP notices to site administrators and confirmation messages to site visitors can come along for the ride. […]

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Wanted: Translations and Translation Updates

Several people and organizations have been kind enough to produce translations of RSVPMaker into different languages over the years. Unfortunately, some of those are outdated and all of them are incomplete because they do not cover recently added features such […]

Use RSVPMaker + MailChimp To Send a Weekly Newsletter

Here is how you can use RSVPMaker’s built-in email utilities to send a weekly newsletter built around your upcoming events and recent blog posts. You can send to a MailChimp mailing list or to the members of your own website […]

How to Change the RSVP Now! Button

One of the basic customizations I should have documented long ago is how to change the RSVP Now! button. Here is the default button, originally created for a political campaign (hence the red, white and blue): RSVP Now! You can change […]

How to Promote Events with MailChimp + RSVPMaker

Here is how you can promote events through a MailChimp email list and get people to register or RSVP, while driving more traffic to your website in the process. MailChimp support arrived in RSVPMaker with version 4.0 and makes it […]


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