Additional Tutorials

Take a look at Navigating RSVPMaker: Event Posts, Options, Messages and Forms for a summary of the screens for setting options and customizing confirmation messages, reminder messages, and the RSVP Form. Some of these directions are specific to using RSVPMaker with the Gutenberg editor.

Here’s an overview video tutorial that covers creating events, customizing the registration form and setting parameters such as pricing when you’re charging for an event and collecting money via PayPal or Stripe:

NEW VIDEO: Events and Event Templates. How to create single events or multiple events with the same basic schedule and boilerplate details. (updated for 2019)

RSVPMaker Shortcodes – coding for events headlines listing, calendar, or listing of upcoming events

Note: if you’re using the Gutenberg editor, visual components replace these shortcodes.

Advanced Customization (code-level tweaks)

Please post questions to the support forum on