NOTE: Some of the screenshots in the older documentation are outdated. As part of a series of changes related to WordPress 5.0 and the new WordPress “Gutenberg” editor, many options that were previously displayed below the content editing area are now on a separate Event Options screen. The functionality hasn’t necessarily changed, just where you’ll find it.

I’ve been adding documentation a little at a time, through the blog. Let me know what still needs to be explained better.

Video: RSVPMaker for WordPress Setup and First Event – Basics of RSVPMaker setup and creating an event.

Creating/Editing Calendar Listing, RSVP Form – New popup visual editors for 2016. Eliminates most of the futzing with shortcodes.

Send Email Invitations or Other Messages with MailChimp. Email website members or event attendees, regardless of whether they join your MailChimp list.

RSVPMaker Shortcodes – coding for events headlines listing, calendar, or listing of upcoming events

Creating an Event Template – A recommended tweak to make the display of your event and RSVP form clearer.

How to Set Up PayPal with RSVPMaker (simplified for 2016)

Advanced Customization (code-level tweaks)