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How to Customize the Design of the Email Template

When you create a new message with the RSVP Email Newsletters and Notifications tool, a template defining the main content area and a footer with required elements like an unsubscribe link is automatically loaded into the editor. The default template is relatively plain, but you can customize it to add your logo or other imagery and change the background colors, for example.

The default email template

Here are some examples:
WordPress for Toastmasters
Florida Bulldog
Online Presenters Toastmasters

To create customizations like this, visit the Email Design Templates screen.

Email Design Templates

There are other options on this screen that experienced web developers can use to add CSS code, but you can make basic changes using the WordPress editor. The default template (used for newsletters and other broadcast messages) and the transactional template (for RSVP confirmations and other notifications) can be edited independently. Click on the Edit link above each template preview to open it in the WordPress editor.

Changing the Background Color

To change the background color, select the RSVP Email Body Wrapper and use the Style controls in the editor sidebar to change the color to one of the present colors associated with you theme or specify a different color.

Changing the background color

It’s also possible to set a background image, as I’ve done with the email template. In that case, I also set a dark blue background color in case the image doesn’t load for some reason.

Changing the message footer

You can also change the message footer, perhaps inserting a logo or a call-to-action that should be included with every message. You can change the background color of the RSVP Email Content Wrapper or of a section within the footer. Shown below is how you would make the text for the “fine print” notifications display as a smaller font.

Making the footer text smaller

As an email marketing best practice, as well as for compliance with anti-spam requirements, you must include an unsubscribe link and should also include some information about your organization, including its physical location (mailing address).

The placeholder codes such as *|UNSUB|* will be replaced when the email is sent. They are MailChimp template codes but are also used by RSVPMaker’s built-in emailer.