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Postmark Integration: Reliable broadcast and transactional email

Postmark provides reliable delivery of email messages through high-capacity servers, while handling some of the issues that arise from spam complaints and bad email addresses.

Unlike a service such as Mailchimp, Postmark doesn’t provide its own email authoring and design tools. That means you’re not paying for features you don’t use if you primarily create messages within the WordPress dashboard, using the RSVP Email Newsletter and Notifications tools. Postmark also improves delivery of transactional messages such as RSVP Confirmation messages, which Mailchimp does not.

Website hosting with pre-configured Postmark services are available through These instructions cover how to do it with your own account.

Once you sign up for Postmark, you will be able to create multiple “servers” (really logical groupings of services) for different websites or applications. Go to the API Tokens tab to get the API key you will need to record in RSVPMaker.

Postmark control panel

You will also need to establish email accounts associated with your domain to be used for your transactional and broadcast (newsletter) message streams. Follow Postmark’s instructions for validating your ownership of those email addresses and tweaking your DNS records.

You will record the API Key in the section of the RSVPMaker Email settings reserve for Postmark. If you’re running a WordPress multisite network, you can specify whether the Postmark integration should be available on all websites or only selected ones.

Configuring RSVPMaker’s Postmark integration