RSVPMaker Form Wrapper Block

RSVPMaker includes a basic form builder, based on the WordPress block editor, which is used primarily for setup of RSVP Forms.

The RSVP form blocks for input fields, radio buttons and so on can also be embedded in the RSVPMaker Form Wrapper block. On its own, this block can be used as a basic contact form.

You can also use it in custom applications by hooking into this filter.

$result = apply_filters('rsvpflexform_'.$slug,array('message' => 'Error: unrecognized app, '.$slug),$formvars);

Your custom function can process the submitted form field data from the $formvars variable and return your own message in place of the default message.


Then catch and process the data and return the appropriate message for display to the user.

function myapp_custom_function($defaultmessage,$formvars) {
//mylogic to process $formvars and determine message to return
return $mymessage;