Setting Event Pricing

You can set up RSVPMaker events with a price for attendance, or several price options, and collect money through integrations with PayPal and Stripe.

This article explains how to specify pricing.

You will need to access the RSVP / Event Options screen that is associated with each event.

In the simplest scenario, you would enter a single price along with a label like Tickets or Admission.

The price would then be displayed on the RSVP form.

A prompt to pay is then displayed on the confirmation screen. Showing the example for Stripe (pay with card) below.

Prompt to pay in RSVPMaker confirmation

Complex Pricing

In the example below, there is a second “Table of 8” option that admits 8 people (the person registering, plus 7 guests). When multiple prices are specified, the user sees a dropdown list on the registration form and can choose from the available prices.

Setting prices

In the example above, only placeholder text is displayed in the deadline fields. If you enter a deadline, that price option will no longer be available when the deadline is past.

In the example below, conference attendees are being offered an early bird price if they register by the specified date.

Here’s what an event with complex pricing, including price deadlines, looks like on the RSVP Registration form.

Timed pricing options