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RSVPMaker Event Listing and Display Shortcodes

These shortcodes have equivalent Gutenberg blocks. However, the shortcodes are still available. They can be used in the context of RSVPMaker’s MailPoet integration with the prefix custom: (for example [custom:rsvpmaker_upcoming]).


[rsvpmaker_upcoming] – display an event listing

[rsvpmaker_upcoming calendar="1"] – display calendar grid, followed by an event listing

[rsvpmaker_upcoming calendar="2"] – display calendar only, equivalent to [rsvpmaker_calendar]

[rsvpmaker_upcoming limit="5"] or [rsvpmaker_upcoming posts_per_page="5"] – display up to 5 events

[rsvpmaker_upcoming days="14"] – display events within the next 14 days

[rsvpmaker_upcoming hideauthor="1"] – display event listing, without showing author’s name

[rsvpmaker_upcoming author="23"] – display event listing, limited to events by the user with ID 23

[rsvpmaker_upcoming type="featured"] – display event listing, limited to events tagged with the featured event type

[rsvpmaker_upcoming excerpt="1"] – display event listing, with an excerpt of each event rather than the full content (uses the <!–more–> tag, if included in the event post, otherwise first paragraphs)


[rsvpmaker_calendar] – displays the calendar. Accepts the same arguments as rsvpmaker_upcoming, although some formatting attributes like excerpt will have no effect


[event_listing] – displays a listing of links to upcoming events as headlines and dates. Accepts the same attributes for limiting the date range and number of days as rsvpmaker_upcoming. A few additional parameters are listed below.

[event_listing show_time="1"] – display both date and time for each event. Without this, only the date is displayed.

[event_listing title="Upcoming Events"] – add a title to the top of the list. Will not be displayed if no upcoming events are found.


[rsvpmaker_one post_id="55"] – display a single event with the post ID of 55

[rsvpmaker_one post_id="next"] – display the next upcoming event by date

[rsvpmaker_one post_id="nextrsvp"] – display the next upcoming event for which RSVPs are active

[rsvpmaker_one one_format="button" post_id="55"] – display a single event with the RSVP button (if RSVPs are active). You can also use one_format=”form” or one_format=”compact” (headline, date, and button without body content)


[rsvpmaker_next] – display just the next upcoming event. Equivalent to [rsvpmaker_one post_id="next"] and takes the same formatting options.

[rsvpmaker_next rsvp_on="1"] – display just the next upcoming event for which RSVPs are active. Equivalent to [rsvpmaker_one post_id="nextrsvp"] and takes the same formatting options.

Formatting Attributes

These formats work with rsvpmaker_upcoming, rsvpmaker_one, and rsvpmaker_next. Example: [rsvpmaker_next format="compact"]

  • format="compact"
    Just the headline, date and button (if RSVPs active).
  • format="excerpt" Just the first few paragraphs from the body of the event post, or all the content up to the more tag (if included). Full headline, dates, and button..
  • format="embed_dateblock"
    Embeds just the date and time block
  • format="button_only"
    Embeds just the RSVP button
  • format="form"
    Embeds just the RSVP form
  • format="with_form"
    Full event with form. The default for rsvpmaker_one and rsvpmaker_next if no format is specified
  • format="button"
    Full event with RSVP button (if RSVPs active). The default for rsvpmaker_upcoming if no format is specified

When event content is sent by email, the form and with_form formats are ignored and the RSVP button will be displayed, where applicable.