RSVPMaker Mailer for Postmark

Use RSVPMaker together with the Postmark service for reliable and economical sending of both transactional messages like confirmation messages and broadcast messages like newsletters.

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The RSVP Mail feature of RSVPMaker allows you to use the familiar WordPress editor to format email newsletters and promotional messages, which can include embedded events and other dynamic content from your website. You use the same tools to format transactional messages such as confirmation and reminder messages.

The basic email editing features described above are available in the free version, which means you can test them with the email support built into your web server. The Postmark integration makes RSVPMaker more of a full-fledged alternative to Mailchimp or MailPoet, combining a newsletter editing feature with a high-volume and reliable message sending infrastructure.

Additional features:
* Set default forwarding on your server to send messages to Postmark, and you will also be able to manage email forwarding and member mailing lists within this framework.
* Offers full support for multisite, where each subdomain site can have its own email lists and forwarders (something you won’t get with MailPoet, for example). Network administrators can enable the extension on all sites or selected ones.

RSVPMaker Mailer for Postmark will be offered as a premium add-on. Contact for information on getting access to the beta version.

Getting the server API
Server and streams
Inbound stream setup