Table for 8? New Pricing Options Demo

Saturday May 4, 2019 7:00 PM

This demo shows off some new pricing options, such as the ability to set a price for parties who want to reserve a whole table at a banquet, rather than booking admission for individual diners.

Instead of counting the number of guests, the Table of 8 option set here provides a flat price for the party. If fewer than 8 guests are listed, the registration will be padded with placeholder entries (names can be added later). If too many guests are listed, a warning will be shown.

You can also establish coupon codes for discounts. The discounts only apply to individual registrations however.

Here’s what the pricing setup looks like on the back end.

Pricing table and coupon codes.

After registering, you can simulate a credit card payment using the test card number provided in the confirmation message. If no payment is recorded, you should receive a follow up “Payment Required” email after about 30 minutes. This is an optional feature you turn on from the settings screen.

Payment Required follow up email

RSVP deadline is past


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