Introducing Timed “Early Bird” Pricing for Events

The latest release of RSVPMaker supports more complex pricing scenarios with different price breaks, associated with deadlines for each tier (“early bird”, “on time”, and “late” registration for an event). This is one of several ways the new RSVPMaker improves the process of setting up events and accepting payment via PayPal and adds flexibility.

The example embedded below is loosely based on the variety of pricing packages my local Toastmasters district uses for its regional conferences. Click on the “RSVP Now!” button, and you will see two sets of prices with the “early bird” rates available until about 1 month before the event date. After that deadline, all the early bird prices will disappear from the options website visitors can select from the menu. (I picked a date in 2018 to keep the expiration dates from arriving too quickly.)

Timed pricing options
Timed pricing options

The corresponding administrative user interface for setting up pricing looks like this:

Pricing setup

Wednesday May 19, 2021 7:00 PM
Private Citizen Obama
Private Citizen Barack Obama

Sign up early for our best Toastmasters district conference ever! Our keynote speaker will be former President Barack Obama, with a presentation on how to use “Um’s” and “Ah’s” to make yourself sound thoughtful.

The educational seminar program is going to be dynamite, and you will not want to miss our district-level Table Topics and International Speech contest competitions.

Early bird pricing will be available until September 1, 2020, so register today for the best deal.

Counting Down to Our Conference


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