Updated Admin Bar Navigation Between Events, Confirmations, Reminders, Forms, and Templates

RSVPMaker uses the black admin bar that appears at the top of the page when you are logged in to provide links to related documents and settings screens.

Because the WordPress full screen (distraction free) editor prevents the display of that menu, it’s now disabled by default when you are editing RSVPMaker posts. This navigation is important to allow you to navigate from an event post for a specific date to the event template it was based on. Recent releases have made it easier to see whether the registration form and the confirmation message are specific to the event you are looking at, as opposed to being the default version from your settings, or a version inherited from the event template.

The New option you click on for a new p0st or page lets you create an individual RSVP Event, a New Event Template, or Create/Update events based on a template you’ve defined.

Here are some of those variations.

If an event currently uses the default confirmation message for your site, you can click on the Confirmation Message (Default) link to edit the default version. Alternatively, you can click on the Customize link to create a version specific to this one event.
In this example, the messages have been inherited from a template. The form is the default (meaning the template also references the default version).
In this example, the confirmation and reminder messages as well as the form have all been customized. You can tell because even though it’s based on a template, there are no links prompting you to customize those items.

These options appear under the Edit RSVP Event menu when you are viewing an event on the public site. When you are in the edit, working with event content, these links appear with RSVP / Event Options as the top level menu item.

When you are editing a message or form related to an event, the menu changes again to provide links back to Edit Event and View Event, along with the submenu options.

Links from a form to its parent event.

Finally, here are the new improved options under the New menu. Create / Update links will be provided for any templates you have defined.

New event, versus new template, or Create / Update a series of events based on a template.


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