Video: All the ways you can turn events and blog posts into email invites, newsletters and promotions

See how powerful the email tools built into RSVPMaker can be for outreach to customers of your company or members of your organization and driving them to your website so they can sign up for events and learn more about what you offer.

I’ve posted more details in the blog knowledge base article linked to below and will answer questions in an upcoming demo session on Zoom.

How to Import Blog and Event Content into Invitation Emails and Email Newsletters

The RSVP Email tool within RSVPMaker lets you create messages in the WordPress editor, as if they were blog posts, send them out with the post title as the email subject line.

Example email newsletter

Rather than starting with a blank message, you can start by importing a blog post, an excerpt from a blog post, the invitation to an event, or a combination of the above. Part of the point of using the standard WordPress editor to create and format your email is to make it easier to incorporate existing content.

More details in the knowledge base article linked to below.

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