New Form Builder, Guest Form Options

The new RSVP form builder allows you to specify prompts that should be included for both host and guests, such as meal choice at a lunch or dinner event. Here is how it works:

From the editor, click the Generate Form button under the RSVP Form field to get the pop-up form builder.

RSVPMaker form builder
RSVPMaker form builder

The default form includes a “Phone” field with a dropdown list that lets people specify whether a phone number is work, home, or mobile. In this case, we’ve unchecked the box for that and instead specified a field called “Work Phone.”

In addition, we’ve added “Meal” with radio button options in the format “Meal:Steak,Chicken,Vegetarian” and checked the box saying “Include on guest form” with the result shown below.

Custom fields for host and guests.
Custom fields for host and guests.

Note that the form builder is currently a one-way code generator. All it is doing is helping you generate the mix of HTML and WordPress shortcodes used to format and output the form fields. You can still manually edit the code if that’s what you prefer, and there are some options available to coders that the form generator doesn’t necessarily support.

In code, you specify that a field should be repeated on the guest section of the form by adding the guestfield=”1″ attribute.

[rsvpfield radio=”meal” sep=” ” options=”Steak,Chicken,Vegetarian” checked=”Steak” guestfield=”1″ ]


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