RSVPMaker Webinar Replay

Here is a replay of the February 24 webinar, which gives a pretty good tour of the site’s features.

One thing I said I was going to explain, but then forgot to, is how to embed an event in a blog post. The scenario here is that you’re announcing an event that you want people to start signing up for, but since the event is months away it wouldn’t show up prominently on the list of upcoming events. So you create a blog post promoting the event, with your boosterish marketing copy about why everyone should sign up soon, but you want to embed the actual event listing in that post.

Here is what that looks like. First, I click the calendar icon on the WordPress editor’s button bar:


Then from the options on the popup form, I use the Pick One? drop-down list to select my event.

Targeting a specific event.
Targeting a specific event.

Note that when you pick a single event, most of the other options become irrelevant because we’re not showing a whole calendar of events.

Here is a live example of an event embedded within this post:



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