Introducing the Daily Schedule Event Listing Block, with a Conference Demo

One of the new editor blocks available in RSVPMaker is RSVPMaker Schedule, an alternative to the calendar-style presentation meant to let you display a series of related events such as sessions within a conference program.

You can see it at the conference schedule demo site I’ve created, from which this screen shot is taken. The demo is based on a live implementation for the Toastmasters District 47 annual conference (which this year turned into a virtual event).

WordPress enthusiasts might consider this as a way of sharing a WordCamp event schedule.

The setup for the conference schedule demo is that there is one RSVPMaker event post that serves as the registration page for the entire weekend event. Each conference session is then modeled as its own RSVPMaker event. As displayed within the RSVPMaker Schedule listing, the sessions of the individual presenters are grouped by day, with the time that they are speaking shown as part of the session headline.

Events that are part of different conference tracks are color coded for easier scanning of the schedule at a glance. In the editor, conference tracks can be identified with Event Type tags. Get creative by adding your own styling with the WordPress Customize tool’s Additional CSS panel.

In this example, the RSVPMaker Schedule block was set to only show events tagged with the Event Type tag Conference Programming. You can also limit the listing by setting a start date and/or end date.

RSVPMaker Schedule block

See the setup page on the conference site for more details on setting up the schedule of events and styling it with CSS.

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