Add an Event

When you click the Add New option under RSVP Events, you do not launch straight into the WordPress editor the way you would with a page or post. Before you create an event post, RSVPMaker prompts you to provide basic details such as the event date and whether you will be collecting RSVPs (event registrations).

The box in the upper right hand corner is where you would click if you want to create an event template, or create one or more events based on a template. Otherwise, you should ignore that.

Enter a title and use the controls on this screen to set the date and time of your event, the end time, and a few RSVP and event display options. You can change these settings later.

When you click Save Changes, RSVPMaker will create a draft event based on those settings. Use the WordPress editor to fill in the details about your event and why people should attend.

A draft event post, with post content to be added.

The event date, time, and many RSVP and display parameters can be changed through the document sidebar represented by the calendar icon.

To see all the options, including pricing and online payment for events, visit click RSVP / Event Options on the black admin bar at the top of the screen. A complete list of options will be displayed in a separate window.