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Create a Series of Events Without a Template

The Multiple Events option of the Events Setup screen is meant for quickly creating a series of events without the use of a template. RSVPMaker Event Templates allow you to create many exact copies of a template document and then modify them as necessary.

In contrast, the Multiple Events feature is for creating a multiple events at once without requiring that they be identical. In particular, it’s useful for creating a series of event posts such as sessions at a conference that occur on the same day or subsequent days.

The options for creating templates and multiple events are shown on the Events Setup screen (displayed when you go to RSVP Events -> Add New), beneath the form for creating a single event.

Screenshot: section of Event Setup screen with options for templates and multiple event setup.

When you click the “Show Form” button for multiple events, you will be taken to this screen. At the top of the page, there is a field that allows you to set the start date and time for the series of events. If you are creating a series of events that start on the same date, you will only need to change the time when you enter the information for each event.

Screenshot: Multiple event setup
Multiple event setup

At the bottom of the form, after the fields for the last entry, you can set options to be applied to all the events in the series, such as an Event Type (category of event), Collect RSVPs on or off, and whether the events should be published or saved as drafts.

Screenshot: multiple event setup (bottom of page)
Multiple Event Options

When you submit the form, you should get back a listing of the events that have been created, with links that allow you to view them or edit them further.

Screenshot: confirmation when multiple events have been created.
Confirmation that event posts have been created, with links to view or edit

This feature can be used in combination with the RSVPMaker Schedule block to create an interactive conference program. See this video demo.